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Direct lung vape pens provide more airflow and produce bigger and denser clouds. Learn more about the different methods of inhaling in our full guide. Most vape pens today are refillable, and use replaceable coils. They can be filled with the e-juice flavor and nicotine strength of your choice. Refillable vape pens are also becoming commonly used with CBD vape oils, which now come in a plethora of flavors.

They are compatible with wax, also known as dabs. These dab pens provide another way to vape concentrates aside from using a bong. Dab pens are more discreet and convenient. You can also vape pure CBD isolate crystals instead of wax using a regular dab pen. There are vape pens for vaping dry herb. Today, we have ones that produce actual vapor through convection, conduction, or a combination of both.

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Learn more about the best dry herb vape pens available and how to use them in our full guide. If you want to get the most out of your vape pen, it will require some proper care. Your vape pen can potentially last for years if you follow these tips:. Almost every vape pen runs on a built-in lithium ion battery — the same kind of batteries that power our phones, tablets and laptops each day.

Vape pens generally feature internal chips with multiple safety features like a cut-off limit, short-circuit protection, high and low voltage protection, low resistance protection, overheat protection, etc. Though battery incidents are rare, most of them are avoidable. Even a study from the FDA confirms that the majority of these cases are due to user error. Learn the basics about battery safety , especially if your vape pen utilizes replaceable batteries.

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Take good care of your vape pen and make sure you are using the charger specific to your device. Hi Mike, sure. I think you can use an atomizer with cotton wicking. Even CCELL coils, which are pretty standard these days, utilize a ceramic heating element with cotton wicks. I have never personally used a wax liquidizer but I would love to know how it turns out for you and what device you use to vape it. Best of luck, vape on!

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Hi Danny, what kind of vape pen are you using? I would recommend checking out some good re-fillable cartridges for oil. I hope that helps, vape on! Can I use the battery of my Snoop Dogg dry herb pen for thread vape cartridges? The ones I get from the dispensaries. Check the specifications in the manual. If it is 3. Hola Pako! Is there a device which could use all the different mediums? Hey Qayin, good question. When it comes to concentrates, your best bet is a wax pen or wax atomizer.

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For oils and e-liquids I would suggest a tank or cartridge that you can swap out on your mod or vape pen. Pod vapes are also another fantastic option for e-liquids and oils.

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Hope that helps, vape on! You can use the same mod, but use a dry herb tank and a separate refillable oil cartridge or a regular e-liquid vape tank for CBD too. Best of luck! Best Products.

Charging your vape pen battery

What is a vape pen? Charging your vape pen battery. There are two types of charge cords for vape pens: The standard micro USB cord to be plugged into the side of the pen, or in the bottom of the device sometimes hidden under a chrome cap. A proprietary connection that threads directly onto the top of the pen called a connection.

How to use a vape pen. For oil cartridges. Take a small puff, and wait a few minutes to gauge the effects, especially if you are vaping THC-containing oil.

The ideal range for most oil carts is 3. Many of the newer cartridge utilize ceramic-based coils can handle more voltage without burning out. Some may require more voltage to achieve a satisfying puff. See our guide to the best thread vapes to learn more about how to vape oil. For e-liquid. Start by filling the tank of your vape pen with your favorite liquid.

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What Causes Dry Hits? Prime your coils Check your airflow Check your wattage Avoid chain vaping—giving your vape a chance to rest between each hit will keep your wick from burning and you from experiencing dry hits.

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