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If you see a good Black Friday deal on something you want to buy this week, buy it. Don't wait for a theoretical "better" sale on Cyber Monday Nov. I'm not waiting and I don't think anyone else should wait, either. To be clear: I'm not suggesting you buy stuff you don't need. Or that you should feel obligated to buy anything at all -- the overwhelming majority of the products on sale out there is stuff you can do without, or junk your kids don't need.

But I know plenty of you are savvy shoppers who have been waiting to stock up on a new TV , laptop , smart speaker , game console and the like at the best prices of the year.

What to Expect from the Target Cyber Monday Sale in

If that's you, well -- whip out that credit card anytime this week, if you see a price to your liking. But don't hesitate to pull the trigger between now and Friday, because -- in my opinion -- Cyber Monday ain't worth waiting for. What's in a name? Not much, when it comes to the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Black Friday used to refer to sales that were literally just the day or weekend after Thanksgiving. Whether the term "Black Friday" is based on the belief that the post-Thanksgiving proceeds were enough to put retailers "in the black" for the year, or because Philadelphia cops dreaded working traffic duty that day is an interesting academic debate, but irrelevant to your current shopping dilemmas.

But now, "Black Friday" is effectively code for "November sale prices.

Cyber Monday's big secret: Why you should pounce on that tempting Black Friday sale

Amazon is letting customers get Black Friday sale prices if they order via voice on Alexa , and Walmart's online sale starts Wednesday night at 10 p. And that doesn't include the massive PS4 and Xbox One sales that started pretty much everywhere on Sunday. And when Black Friday -- the actual day after Thanksgiving -- has come and gone, these same retailers start advertising "Cyber Monday sales" or "Cyber Week sales" online.

But the actual prices and items on sale are often exactly the same stuff at the same price. It's less a new sale, and more an SEO play on a different term.

I've gotten some of the best deals ever by waiting for Cyber Monday. But look around: Those distinctions are going away, if not gone altogether.

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Most of forward-thinking retailers have become adept at two-day shipping right up until Christmas Eve, and the ones that haven't are dying on the vine -- I'm looking at you, Toys R Us and Sears. Same sale, different day. The PS4 bundle dropped off of Walmart's site early on Monday, and has been blinking in and out ever since. The same thing happened last year with console bundles.

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Those two seem more available this year than ever before -- for now -- but again, who knows for how long. KidKraft Majestic Mansion: Save 15 percent on KidKraft dollhouses and kitchens at Target, including this four-story over four-feet tall mansion of a dollhouse.

Cyber Monday at Belk

Wonder Workshop Dash: This robot listens to voice commands and features a block-based coding interface designed to teach kids the basics of computer science. Hape Gourmet Grill: Get your kids familiar with the fine art of grilling with this playset, complete with fish, kebabs, sausages, and condiments. Your kids can use it to learn everything from the basics to more complicated playing. Learning Resources Gears!

What to Expect from the Target Cyber Monday Sale in 2018

Super Building Set: This building toy comes with plenty of — you guessed it — gears that can help kids understand some of the basics of engineering. TerraScout Nerf Toy: This toy streams a live video feed to its remote control, allowing kids to aim and fire Nerf darts without even being in the room.

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